VePaBiz strongly believes in synergy based sustainable growth only through strategic alliances and global partnerships in multiple areas of engagements like geography partnerships, technology partnerships, system integration and marketing partnerships. VePaBiz enjoys excellent relationships with its alliance partners in time and value. VePaBiz welcomes new partnerships formation in any strategic business areas across globe. VePaBiz will be adding up geography, business verticals, technology partnerships in its first year of formation itself as it strongly believes in “synergy is sustainable” model of growing biz.

VePaBiz Consultants join hands with Contentwise to develop India & regional markets for Contentwise products and services. VePaBiz and Contentwise enjoys mutual interest in digital media space which helps in building synergies around the partnership. Contentwise specialized in content personalization system for broadcast, cable, satellite, IPTV, OTT & video streaming. ContentWise is best comprehensive content discovery platform.

VePaBiz is excited to partner with Hortonworks to take sales and biz development to next levels in the geos and markets it is working. VePaBiz has niche offerings on BigData, Digital Marketing and Analytics space. Hortonworks partnership will unleash new synergies across clientele. VePaBiz team is deeply into Hortonworks platforms and tools. VePaBiz will share its huge expertise in sharing through trainings as well.