The Best Business Services We Offer

Web App Development

Our team of experienced web designers have a history of producing quality, custom designed websites. We branded it as WEBD. VePaBiz is a dynamic organization gaining practical experience in inventive web outline with capable usefulness for better online business. Its imagination and characteristic style for mixing creativity with usefulness separates it from its rivals. We concentrate on biz applications, IT Services, & Application Management.

Mobile App Development

VePaBiz has been successfully providing unmatched solutions in several mobile applications. We branded it as ADIO. VePaBiz has been successfully providing unmatched outsourcing solutions in several mobile enterprise applications and consumer applications for iPhone/Android users. VePaBiz iPhone/Android Center is specialized in providing rich mobile applications using the iPhone/Android SDK.

E-Commerce Websites

We can help you achieve a competitive advantage by using web technology more efficiently than your competitors. We branded it as ECOM. We build ecommerce websites and applications that will help you grow your online business. Custom layouts, Custom shopping cart development, complete e-commerce solution, custom database driven applications, CMS - and a solution that would manage all your online business needs.

Software Development

Software as a service (SaaS) is another conveyance strategy shaking up an extremely self-satisfied industry. In spite of the fast development of the SaaS market, numerous individuals experience issues dealing with how this model can be connected to accomplish a more savvy and proficient option for their business.

Digital Marketing Services

VePaBiz has been highly successful in creating an innovative and high value digital advisory services model branded as DIGIMARK i.e., Rolling Out digital marketing strategies for B2B and B2C small and medium IT Services firms. VePaBiz is proud for its DIGIMARK business model of engagement

IoT Marketing Services

VePaBiz enjoys excellent domain knowledge and expertise on IOT biz areas and will be adding up IOT global partnerships for value selling, support, geography expansions etc offerings

App Dev & Cloud Services

VePaBiz team has high levels of ADM service offerings. Application development and maintenance is key for enterprise sustainability and biz needs. VePaBiz has clear ADM services offerings

Testing & Automation Services

VePaBiz team has strong position in test automation, web testing, test methodology, test engineering, testing tools, APPs testing, Platforms testing, testing metrics and likewise

Smart Cities Applications

VePaBiz enjoys excellent domain knowledge and expertise in Smart Cities Advisory Services branded as SMARTCITIZEN and will be bringing global smart cities technology vendors to Indian markets for value selling, support, geography expansion activities.

M&A Advisory Services

VePaBiz has vast experience in identifying right buying/selling partner, delivering professional due diligence analysis reports on prospects and post-acquisition integration services using its M&A offering services branded as SYNERGY.